After a four-hour trek home from seeing your in-laws—and countless hours of driving around New Orleans—you and your family are finally almost home. You can almost feel your soft bed as you see the mile marker for your exit. As you approach your turn off, you notice an SUV coming up really fast behind you. You try to maintain your speed as it gets closer and closer. Finally, you swerve as it slams into your back bumper, causing you to spin 180 degrees and collide into the other car. Your door is now crumpled up against the other car, trapping you inside. Suddenly, your engine starts to smoke.

You turn off your engine and attempt to unbuckle your seat belt in order to check on your family—but your belt is stuck. You can see the start of small flames creeping up your windshield. Your wife manages to unbuckle herself and tries to help you with your seat belt to no avail. You tell her to get the kids out, but as she goes to open her door, a semi—who apparently lost control because of the accident—skids to a halt, ripping her door off but trapping her inside as well.

The flames are growing and your children are starting to scream in horror.

What do you do? How can you get out? Is there anything in the car that can help?