Did a Louisiana Industrial or Construction Accident Shatter Your Life? Let a Skilled Lake Charles Industrial Accident Attorney Help You Pick Up the Pieces!

If you work in or around petrochemical plants, industrial areas, or construction sites, you know how easily accidents can happen. When they do, the outcome can be serious or catastrophic.

Workers hurt on the job are covered under Louisiana workers’ compensation laws. In many cases, you may have the option of filing a separate claim against the person or company that caused the injuries. If you require compensation from the owner of a petrochemical plant, a subcontractor, or someone else responsible for your injuries, an industrial or construction accident attorney in Lake Charles can help.

Let a Louisiana Industrial and Construction Accident Lawyer Go to Work for You

In Louisiana, industrial or construction site accidents are many times caused by the mistakes or carelessness of other people. When this happens, you may have a claim against the individuals whose negligence harmed you. At the Marceaux Law Firm, we have helped numerous people get the compensation they need after an accident of this nature. With our help in pursuing these claims, you may be able to receive more compensation than what is provided under workers’ compensation laws, protecting your family from having to cover the costs of the accident.

The following are a few examples of industrial or construction site accident claims:

  • If a subcontractor did not secure the scaffolding correctly, causing you to fall and seriously injure yourself.
  • If a petrochemical plant owner failed to store hazardous chemicals on his property, causing toxic exposure or an explosion that left you badly burned.
  • If a contractor failed to secure a machine properly, causing it to malfunction and you to get hurt.

When an accident happens at a chemical plant, warehouse, factory, or other industrial or construction site, workers’ compensation may not be enough to cover your high costs. It is important to bring a claim against the person responsible for your injuries so that you do not have to pay for someone else’s negligence.

Put Our Experience to Work on Your Louisiana Industrial Accident Claim

Filing a Louisiana personal injury claim for an industrial or construction accident is a complicated process. It requires extensive knowledge of the law, a detailed investigation, and the ability to prove that someone else caused your injuries. To get the best outcome possible in your case, it is critical that you put a skilled lawyer on your side.

We understand the high costs that you face after an accident. With help from a Calcasieu Parish industrial accident attorney at the Marceaux Law Firm, you can hold the person that hurt you responsible for their actions, and avoid having to pay for their mistakes.

Call us today at 877-296-7805 for a free consultation and find out how having a lawyer on your side can strengthen your claim, and make your life a little bit easier.